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Teacher Ces Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

Free Stuff, Freebies . . . whatever way you say it, that is what we are talking about in this episode.

Teacher Ces has decided to go the Oprah route (without the Oprah budget mind you) and share with you her vault of stuff for free. Think of it as the month of "My Favorite Things" but on a much lower scale.  Find out more while you listen.

Are you part of the #31daysofhustle crew? What is #31daysofhustle? What are all these hashtags about? Join the crew, with details in the show.

Make sure you like the Facebook page for the freebies and don’t forget to suggest what other freebies you’d like. 

Lastly, Ces shares her opinion about Dave Ramsey, the financial guru. Another show you must hear right now!